• aemporio

    The excellence of italian market.

30 years passion

Aemporio is a broker in the ceramics sector and a research laboratory with its own story:

30 years passion in the sale of porcelain floors and wall, working every day with experience and devotion, to guarantee quality, aesthetics and convenience


Our mission is to find in the market the excellence of the Italian ceramics and the best proposals of the design at the forefront in this sector, with a good balance price-quality, to face the exigencies of the customers that rely on our service.

Aemporio bargaining power and the big range of services allowed us to establish ourselves with excellent results in the Italian and foreign market.


We work with devotion and experience in the research of trend products, with great attention to quality and design, and we try to improve them with ideas and customized photographic renderings

We want and we aim to be a partner in the realization of your expectations.


In a very competitive market, it is very important to do market researches in the choice of floors and walls, following the aesthetics and in line with the market trend.

Our goal is to cooperate with a small number of companies, in order to reduce your work and to make it more efficient through the following services:

  • research of trend materials with a good balance price-quality
  • study of trend settings and realization of customized photographic tenderings, in order to reduce your work and make it more efficient
  • such service allows you to have an additional opportunity to be offered to your customers, as visual support in the choice of the apartments, as well as in the evaluation for the coice of standard and out of standard floors and walls.

Thanks to this, your customers will be satisfied and, as a consequence, you will have a good image.


30 years experience gave us the opportunity to improve services that will reduce your work:

  • management of customer choice for the floors and walls of their apartments (standard and out of standard)
  • customer card: documentation that contains the customer description and all information of the choices made
  • assembling process documentation - bathroom / kitchen
  • documentation of material destination in the yard
  • documentation of the total amount for out of standard material

The goal of Aemporio is to manage at best your yard, with bound information subscribed by the customers, and this will alow you:

  • not to make mistakes: thanks to the printed plant, there will be no misunderstandings with the installer
  • to reduce the waste: exact quantity for each single item
  • to reduce your work: managing your customers in the choice of the materials
  • to offer clarity to the customer: thanks to the photographic renderings, choices are better clarified